top 2 tuesday

I love that Taylor is doing a "Things You've Learned" series for the next few Tuesdays... what a fabulous segment for Top 2 Tuesdays! This week is the top 2 things you've learned about friendship...

1) You are never too old for friendship bracelets. Never. There is something so fabulous about the simplicity of those friendships we had when we were in 3rd grade... holding hands on the playground... signing notes as BFF... and sharing half of that little heart charm that either read, "BE FRI" or "ST ENDS." You know... the simple pleasures that expressed our committment to friendship. I think we should bring friendship bracelets back. What do you think?

2) Having one really-amazing-heart-friend is waaaaaaay better than having a thousand kinda-sorta-friends. As we have recently moved and I went through the struggle of friend-dating and finding new girlfriends in a new city... I have definitely learned to cherish my true-heart-friends. That is, these are the girlfriends that know me inside and out... they know my deepest thoughts... they know my hurts and pains... they know my joy and affection... simply, they know my heart.

Head over to Taylor's blog at The Undomestic Momma to link up and share what you've learned about friendship.