top 2 tuesday

This week's Top 2 Tuesday is things you've learned about blogging. Oh... where to begin?

1) Blog for you. I blog about things that are interesting to me. Sure... occasionally I think, "Is this blog-worthy?" or "Will anyone want to read this?" But ultimately, I want the things that I blog about to be real. Things that I am passionate about... that I aspire to do... that I enjoy... that are me. I feel like when we are writing/posting just to have something appear on our blog... it feels so empty... and it shows.

2) Beware of blog-envy. Avoid competition in Blogland. Seriously. People are perfect in the blogging world... mainly because we often choose to only write/post about the good things. We blog about those perfect cookies we made, that awesome picture we took, our amazing husband, our can-do-no-wrong-children, our perfectly clean home, that incredible vacation we just took... etc, etc. But in reality... we leave out the post about that dinner you charred last night, the blurry picture you took right before the perfect one, how much hard work marriage is, how the children just destroyed your perfectly clean home, and how you missed your flight before your incredible vacation. People are not perfect. And if you are blogging to keep up with everyone else in Blogland, you will absolutely exhaust yourself... which then brings me back to above mentioned point... Blog for you.

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