thankful thursday {link up}

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This Thursday I am thankful for:

1) Health. For mine. For my family's. For little Jack (that you read about here and here). I'll be honest... it's something that I don't think about much... especially when everyone is... well, healthy. When my friend Amy called me the other night to tell me about little Jack's hospital visit, it really scared me... It was a reminder that something we take for granted so often, like our health, can be shaken in a heartbeat. Thank you for your prayers... little Jack is starting to breathe on his own and the doctors sound optimistic... but keep those prayers coming.

2) Baptism. We celebrated 4 baptisms this Sunday. All 4 were in our community group. It was such a beautiful celebration. I loved hearing the testimonies of these 4 friends... seeing how the Lord has changed their life... and sharing this special moment with them. What a beautiful day.

3) Zappos. Yes, the shoe place. I know, I know... how in the world can I, in good conscience, add Zappos to my list of health and baptisms?? This is mainly due to the fact that I bought a pair of adorable, perfect-for-spring, orange, Corso Como ballet flats for $5. Yes... five dollars. This, my friends, is how Zappos made the list this week.

So... here's how Thankful Thursday works...

:: Write up a little post about what you are thankful for. I always pick 3 things... (but that's just me, and how I started TT on the very first post). You can pick how ever many you want. I mean, I'm not the Thankful Nazi or anything.

:: Remember the simple things. This Thankful Thursday is yours... and you can be thankful for whatever you want... but what I love about doing this every week is that it forces me to really think about the simple pleasures in life... both big and small.

:: Add your awesomeness to the Thankful Thursday linky list below. Please be sure to add your actual Thankful Thursday post... not just a link to your blog home page.

:: Tell your friends. Link back to this blog and invite your other bloggy friends to join in Thankful Thursday. If this works out and you guys want to do this again and again... I will work on getting some type of Thankful Thursday button... promise.

:: Be sure to visit some of the other blogs on the list. Share the love. It's always to encouraging to read what everyone else is thankful for.

:: Be thankful.