thrifty bathroom revamp

So, I don't believe I ever allowed you guys in our bathroom during either one of my home tours (part I or part II)... it was intentional. This space just is not my favorite. Don't get me wrong... it does the trick... It's extremely functional, and a decent size... just a little sad looking.

Our bathroom is also home to our washer and dryer... which is super convenient... just not the prettiest. But you see... that's just the thing about rental houses. You are limited to the changes you can make. And you don't want to spend a bunch of money on changes you simply can't take with you.

So... this brings us to Project Bathroom Revamp. This little bathroom makeover cost me a total of $37.

Let me show you what we were working with...

I think this little prison-style mirror is what pushed me to make the change. I just couldn't handle brushing my teeth in this little oval mirror any longer. Our bathroom counter is a decent size and the little oval mirror just looked dwarfed on the wall. Sad looking, right? You can be honest. No need to spare the feelings of the mirror.

This is the view from the door, opposite the sad little prison-mirror. The washer and dryer are to the right as soon as you walk in the door, then the shower is after that. Nothing spectacular.

And here is the view of our laundry "room." It is an extremely functional space. I just got tired of seeing all of our crap behind me in the reflection of the little prison-mirror.

So... I decided to do something about it.

You might remember the day I talked about our "new" bedding and the terrible pillow tragedy... Well, it was on that same TJ Maxx trip that I found a spectacularly large framed mirror for only $30. Yes... thirty dollars. Awesome, I know. Told you... TJ Maxx is the bomb digity.

I bought that $30 mirror and didn't look back. What a difference, right? I love how it actually fills up the space on the wall. It's amazing what a simple change can do.

But I didn't stop there. I then went to Target and bought a $7 shower curtain rod. I already had brown curtains from our days at the lovely 161 house. Now we have a clever way to hide all that dirty laundry:)

Overall, I'm quite pleased with our $37 makeover.

What do you think? Do you have any thrifty makeover tips?