true tales of a seminary wife

I am a seminary wife.

My husband is currently a seminary student.

We live among other seminarians... (and their wives). They all seem really smart to me. The other seminary wives seem to have it all together. They look great in their seminary sweaters. They have perfectly clean children (that I'm sure never misbehave). They probably read the Bible start to finish every year. And I'm sure they never say bad words...

I've never read the Bible start to finish.
(and we all know how well my yearly Bible reading plan has been going so far.)

I speed.
(and sometimes yell at the other drivers when I pass them.)

I like dirty martinis.
(and margaritas.)

I cuss when I stub my toe.
(and sometimes even when I don't.)

But I love Jesus.

And thankfully, He was perfect so I don't have to be. Simple as that.

Linking this up to Capturing Motherhood's "picture me imperfectly."