black tag diaries first ever giveaway!!!

In light of my recent bird whispering skills (see post below) and the fact that I recently hit 100 followers (ummm... wow), I have decided to have my first ever giveaway!!

And in true bird-whispering fashion, I am giving one lucky reader their very own copy of Ann Lamott's Bird by Bird. You may remember me talking about how awesome this book was a few days ago. The subtitle of this book is "Some instructions on writing and life." But don't think this book is only meant for aspiring writers... not so. This book is so much more. It is a great read for anyone wanting practical ideas for improving their writing, ways to enrich your personal journaling, and even your blog writing. In true Ann Lammot fashion, there are witty remarks and funny chapters titled "Shitty First Drafts." I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Along with the Bird by Bird copy, I will also throw in a beautiful Book Notes journal. This journal has tons of pages for your book log, a list of the classics, and a place to list all of those novels you hope to get around to reading one day. And it's just pretty.

Soooo... to enter the giveaway you simply need to be a follower of Black Tag Diaries and leave a comment below telling me what your favorite book is. That's it. Simple as that. I will select a winner this Sunday (April 10th).