hosting a successful craft party

Last Friday night I hosted my first ever (organized) craft party... Crafts & Classics to be exact. It was a major success! We are already planning when the next one will be.

So, what are the key components to a smashing craft party, you might ask? Here are a few things I recommend...

::Have specific projects in mind.
A couple of weeks before my party, I started a list of projects that I thought would be fun for us to do as a group. I narrowed the list down based on time and cost, and basically ended up with 4 projects for the evening. However... we only got to 2 of them. That's what happens when you get a group of girls together... we talk and laugh more than we craft... and that is what it's all about. Regardless, I had some specific projects in mind, and this allowed me to shop for supplies and better prepare for our evening. The plan was to decoupage a clipboard, create a small flip book, make a pair of earrings, and decorate a journal... like I said... we got to the first 2. We'll save the earrings and journal projects for our next party:)

::Ask your guests to help cover the cost of supplies.
If you are planning on crafting projects that your guests will take home with them, there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking your guests to assist with the cost of supplies. I asked my guests to bring $5 each. This helped cover the cost of the clipboards, journals, and a few miscellaneous items. We used paper and ribbon from my stash and I already had most of the crafting tools needed for the evening. It's also a good idea to ask other crafters to bring some of their tools, (like hot glue guns or paper cutters) especially if you are expecting a larger group.

::Crafting "stations" are a good idea with larger groups.
Speaking of larger groups... if you are expecting a big crowd, it might be a good idea to have a few stations set up so your guests can work on varying projects at once. For example, you might have 3 or 4 girls making jewelry in one room and 3 or 4 girls working on clipboards in another room.

::Gather your supplies before your guests arrive.
The night before my party, I thought about each project individually and gathered up any supplies I thought we might use. I put everything in a big basket, from the clipboards, to the Mod Podge, to scissors, and my laminating machine. Anything I thought we might need I put in this basket. Once your guests arrive, you want to be able to enjoy your time with them... not searching high and low for your ribbon.

::A theme is always more fun.
Always. You can never go wrong with a theme (well... I guess you could... but that's another story). Our theme was "Crafts & Classics," (C & C) which basically meant we had Breakfast at Tiffany's playing in the background while we crafted away. A friend of mine suggested "C, C, C & C," (Crafts, Classics, Cupcakes & Champagne)... brilliant, huh? Or you could have the craft revolve around your theme... for example, maybe it's a bridal party and you create something to give to the bride-to-be as a gift? It's your party... your theme.

::Snacks. Don't forget the snacks... lots of snacks.
Good snacks make everything better. I asked my guests to bring a snack or drink to share, and once everyone arrived, we had a smorgasbord of food to choose from. Sometimes it can be as easy as opening up a bag of peanut butter M&M's and dropping them in the middle of your crafting circle. Or just order a pizza... or cupcakes & champagne... you really can't go wrong here.

So... there you have it. The secret to a successful craft party. If you are thinking about hosting one, you totally should. It was so much fun. I will definitely be having another one in the future.

Oh! Do you like all of the fabulous clipboards you have been seeing?? Would you perhaps like a demo on how to make those? Oh, you would? Well, you're in luck... I will be posting a "how-to" on the clipboards very soon! :)