only one month left to revel in my 20's

It's true friends. In one short month I will embrace my 30's whole-heartedly. They are coming, regardless of my invitation.

So, in order to truly welcome my approaching 30's, I created a list. A list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30. My 30 by 30 list if you will. You can see various posts about this list here.

A long, long time ago I came up with the brilliant idea of documenting the items on my list in a photo album... my 30 by 30 in a book. This book is just now starting to take shape... well, kind of. It's still missing pictures... but I'm planning on ordering those sometime this week. Here's a glimpse into the frame work of the album so far...

I love the way it's turning out so far. But working on this album has shed some major light on my list. I have a pretty busy month ahead of me... with 6 major items left to cross off...

#8 throw a themed party. (Check. "Crafts & Classics" this Friday night:)

#10 put in some volunteer hours. (Hoping to schedule this soon.)

#22 take a hot air balloon ride. (This is my big ticket item... and hopefully my 30th birthday present:)

#23 visit chicago and/or seattle. (Chicago. April 22nd. Can't wait.)

#27 learn a new word and actually use it. (I welcome any suggestions you guys might have.)

#30 learn about my "family tree" and history. (Will need my Pop's help on this one.)

It's coming along... slowly but surely. I've seen several 30 by 30 lists out there and I'm always fascinated by them. Would love to read yours if you have (or had, for those of you that have already embraced your 30's:) one. Leave me a comment with a link to your 30 by 30 post so I can be sure to check it out.

Oh! And PS... be sure to check back tomorrow for my very first giveaway!!!