thankful thursday {link up}

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This Thursday I am thankful for:

1) Being able to get to my house. The Ohio River is still majorly flooded... which means River Road (and the main access to our house) is still very much closed. But thankfully our super nice neighbor opened up the gate to their private driveway so we could cut through their gorgeously manicured property to exit in and out of our street. If it weren't for this, we would have had to pack our bags and stay in a hotel all week... and I would have been majorly stressed out. So thankful for nice neighbors.

2) Oreos by post. I mean, I love me a good Oreo cookie... but I love them even more if they are mailed to me by some of my favorite people. What a happy surprise on my Tuesday! For one... I have no idea how the UPS guy managed to deliver this box to my house... and for two... I am convinced that Oreos taste better if they traveled across state lines in a UPS truck.

3) Twenty-nine. Because I only have one week left as a twenty-nine year old. ONE WEEK PEOPLE. And I am okay with this. No, really... I am. I have loved every second of my twenties and to be honest... I'm pretty flippin' excited to see what my thirties have in store for me... It's bound to be good.