weekend in review

This past weekend was nice... Low-key... Movie night... Good friends... Fireworks... And rice krispie treats. I mean, it really doesn't get much better than that friends...

Friday night Lance and I went to see the movie Hanna. It was okay. The first half was pretty good... I'm always a fan of some chick kickin' ass and takin' names... but the second half was rather a let down. Less kick ass and more bazaar characters equals a disappointing ending. Either way, I'm always a fan of date night and popcorn.

Saturday was a big day in Louisville, Kentucky... Thunder Over Louisville. Cue the AC/DC song... ahaaahhhahaa... THUNDER. Thunder Over Louisville is basically the kick-off for the Kentucky Derby... only the biggest air show and firework display in all of North America. Unfortunately it was pretty cold on Saturday... mid-40s. But luckily for me, I can see (and hear) all of the planes right from the comfort of my own home.

But once it was time for the firework show, a group of us headed down the street and found a little patch of grass right off of River Road. We bundled up and settled in for the spectacular event.

After the firework show we headed back to our house to let the traffic die down and whip up some treats... rice krispie treats, that is. I forgot how much I love those things... especially when they are warm and gooey.

Sunday was gorgeously sunny... we had a great morning at church... lunch at Mark's Feed Store... a little Pride and Prejudice... an afternoon nap... and a photography lesson. Perfect.