thankful thursday {link up}

This Thursday I am thankful for:

1) A random afternoon off. Because my office is so awesome, they give everyone a half-day off for their birthday, but you have to take it a week within your actual birthday... so I took mine yesterday. And it was fabulous. I had a doctors appointment over lunch, then I ran some errands, enjoyed a slow lunch to myself, and then laid by the pool for the rest of the afternoon... now that, my friends, is how you spend an afternoon off.

2) Forever 21. I know, I know... I'm 30... yeah, yeah... whatever. But they just opened a MASSIVE Forever 21 store at the mall by my house... I mean MASSIVE. It used to be a Dillard's people. An entire department store turned into a Forever 21! I really cannot even explain how huge this store is... I almost got lost... twice. I do realize that the majority of their clothes are made for thirteen year olds the size of my pinky finger, but you just can't beat paying $4.80 for a necklace. Love it.

3) Mail. As in real mail... as in packages. And this week has been amazing in the way of mail happiness. Nothing beats opening that mailbox (or in my case, that tiny box door) and finding it stuffed to the max with cards and little slips of paper informing you to pick up your packages at the counter. That is a wonderful feeling.

Link up and tell us what you are thankful for... go ahead... I dare you...