weekend in review

Friday night I got one step closer to #22 (take a hot air balloon ride) on my 30 by 30 list at the Louisville Balloon Glow. I got the phone number to a private, family-owned hot air balloon company that I plan on calling soon. If I book my hot air balloon ride before I turn 30... that counts, right?

Saturday morning I had a photo session with one of my absolute favorite families in Louisville. You may remember them from here or here.

Saturday afternoon I crossed off #10 (put in some volunteer hours) on my 30 by 30 list. Lance and I spent some time volunteering at our church's quarterly medical clinic... and I will definitely be volunteering again.

Saturday night we enjoyed some good company and amazing food at Clifton's Pizza. But of course no good dinner is complete without dessert...

So we ended the evening with my first ever trip to Dairy Kastle... Yes, with a 'K'... that makes it kool (don't get me started on this... totally a pet peeve of mine). But, regardless of the spelling... the icecream was pretty dang good, and a full Dairy Kastle review is in order soon.

I spent Sunday traveling to Atlanta... and reading a little bit of Pride & Prejudice in my hotel room. It's getting good folks... Mr. Darcy is really starting to win my heart... and Elizabeth's. Hoping to call #17 (read a classic) done in a few more days.

What about you? How was your weekend?