what happens when the lights go out...

So we lost our power at 6:00pm yesterday. Louisville had a really bad thunderstorm come through... lots of rain, lots of thunder, and lots of wind.

Sure enough our electricity went out. Little Cat huddled in the corner of our bathroom like he usually does when riding out a storm, and I was about to meet Lance at the seminary so we could catch a movie. I debated canceling our movie night because I wasn't sure I wanted to brave the monsoon. But the rain let up a little and I realized there wasn't much for us to do if we stayed at the house in the dark... well there is, I guess, but this is a PG-rated blog, folks.

I grabbed my rain coat and hopped in the car and headed down the street only to find this:

The main culprit to our power outage, I suspect. A giant tree that cracked at the base, only to land directly on our power lines... which was the only thing holding the tree up, allowing my little Prius to pass underneath.

So, what does one do when your power is out, with no hope of getting it back anytime soon??

First, you head to the movie theatre to buy some time. We decided on Bridesmaids. Absolutely hilarious. Think The Hangover, for chicks.

Once you get home and realize that there is still no power, you light all the candles you can find... creating a major fire hazard. Then you bring home a pizza and set up your iPhone so you can catch up on a couple of episodes of The Office. Of course you both have to sit with your heads really close to one another so you can actually see the 3" screen.

Then you realize that all of the food in your fridge and freezer will need to be thrown out tomorrow, and are so, so thankful you still haven't made time to go to the grocery store. You also realize that the wet clothes that are sitting in your dryer will need to be washed all over again.

You get in bed and make a mental note of how dependent you actually are on electricity... mainly TV and your computer. Oh, and your hair dryer, which you have yet to use, and will sleep with wet hair tonight. You then vow to lay off all the multimedia for a while, because you are sure it's rotting your brain. But then you make a deal... vowing to lay off the multimedia, if you can at least have a fan to sleep with at night, because the still silence is just dreadful and you cannot fall asleep.

You wake up a little late because you have no alarm and your cell phone is dead. You grudgingly realize you need to pack up your work and your laptop and head to your 2nd office... Panera Bread. But all is okay, because you get to eat breakfast and lunch there... and are thrilled about trying their new blue cheese salad.

But now you are just hoping that the power comes back on so you can clean out the stinky fridge and re-wash your now moldy clothes... oh, and sleep with a fan tonight.