why i blog... {and why i don't}

Everyone has different reasons why they blog. Some blog to cover a specific topic (cooking, photography, organizing, crafting, etc). Some blog to share their lives and photos with loved ones that are far away. Some blog to record funny stories of their spouses and children. Some blog simply as an escape from the real world.

Sometimes I need a gentle reminder about why I blog. Why do I make time to sit in front of my computer and record my thoughts? Why do I take pictures of the food I eat and the things I do? Why do I make lists and lists of silly blog topics? Why do I blog?

Personally, for me... this blog is a personal journal of sorts. Hence the name Black Tag Diaries. This is a place to record my thoughts, ideas and memories... some deep... and some, not-so-much.

This blog is for me.

And I want to remember that. Don't get me wrong... I love reading up on the lives of my invisible (yet, very real) friends in the blogging world... and I absolutely adore your comments... knowing that my blog is actually being read... but sometimes I fear that I adore your little comments too much.

It becomes so easy to write what I think you want to hear... to alter my words so they sound more appealing to you... to post thoughts and inspiration from blogosphere, rather than my own...

Then all of a sudden, before I know it... I've lost my voice.

My desire is that this blog is a true reflection of me. Not what I think you want me to be. The good, the bad, the ugly. I have been thinking about this a lot lately... about my strides for perfection and how they always seem to come up short. I'm learning that my strides will always fall short of perfection... and that's okay. There is beauty in the mess... beauty in being real.