guest bloggers needed...

So... in honor of my new found love for pinterest and my upcoming Alaskan Cruise, I've decided to host a stellar line-up of guest bloggers during my absence. I will be gone approximately 10 days, so I thought, why not schedule guest bloggers based on my top 1o pinterest boards?

The guest bloggers don't need to blog anything about pinterest itself, but rather on the topic of the board. For example, the guest blogger that is chosen to blog on the topic of "Yummy Treats" might blog about their favorite summer snack, share a recipe for their own favorite treat, or maybe just some fun cupcake ideas (you can never go wrong with cupcakes). The topic is pre-decided, but the subject matter is completely up to whoever is chosen to guest blog for that particular day... make sense?

Here's the guest blogger line-up (based on my pinterest boards)...

1) Books & Nooks {Friday July 8th}

2) Craftiness {Saturday July 9th}

3) Cozy Spaces {Sunday July 10th}

4) Home Sweet Home {Monday July 11th}

5) Photography {Tuesday July 12th}

6) Style & Fashion {Wednesday July 13th}

7) Travel {Thursday July 14th}

8) Wedding Bliss {Friday July 15th}

9) Work Space {Saturday July 16th}

10) Yummy Treats {Sunday July 17th}

So... there you have it... if you would like to be a guest blogger for Black Tag Diaries on any of the above days, drop me a line. Email me at: (JuliaLBlack{at}mac{dot}com). Make sure to let me know which day/topic you are interested in and don't forget to provide a link to your blog. Happy guest blogging!