simple summer salad

A few months ago I started Spring Salad Training and I told you guys about the yummy blue cheese salad kick I was on. Well, I'm still training... I'm still trying out some new salads. Has anyone had the Mexi Cobb Salad at Chuey's? Definitely one of my favorites right now.

Today I wanted to share my super simple summer salad recipe. My grandma used to make this salad all the time on her cooking show... yes, you heard right... my grandma had a cooking show... Fiesta with Esther... how cool is that? {mental note: I should do a post on that one day.}

This salad is beyond easy and you probably have most of the ingredients in your kitchen already...All you need is a tomato, onion (I usually use a yellow sweet onion), cucumber, some spring mix lettuce, season salt, and canola oil. You can definitely add in more veggies if you wish... but you must use the tomato and onion to make it work... they have a special chemistry, those two.

This salad is best when fresh, so I usually just make just enough for me and Lance. How much you add of everything is totally up to you. After I cut up all of my veggies, I sprinkle on some season salt and then toss in a bit of canola oil... start small, then season to taste.

You will love it... promise!