thankful thursday {link up}

Here's what you guys were thankful last week...

Jamie over at Our Family of Four was thankful for positive attitudes and her daughter's dance recital.

Marie Elizabeth over at The Places I Go was thankful for summer... and rightly so with that yummy looking mango treat.

Emily over at The Johnson Five is thankful was thankful for her friends, family and Savior.

Miranda over at Carolina Nutshell (love this blog name:) was thankful for free lunches and date nights.

Flossie over at Flossie's Farm was thankful for online bill pay and her sprouting zucchini.

Liz over at The Colville Clan was thankful for her new bronzer (I must try out this Birchbox thing) and new sheets.

Kim over at Let it Snow was thankful for her family... all of them... aunts, uncles and cousins:)

Elizabeth over at Kismet & Company was thankful for a break from classes and an upcoming trip to the beach (jealous!).

Single Mama over at Ready for Take Off was thankful for 12 days of vacation and her adorable little man (he really is so, so cute).

Arianicious over at Randomness Out Loud was thankful for saving (she's paying off debt!) and Sonic drinks.

Marie over at Pouty Pink Princess was thankful for adorable little nephew and her new camera!

So. What are you thankful for THIS week? Link up at the bottom of this post to share your own Thankful Thursday post....

This Thursday I am thankful for:

1) Rain. Although it did pour on me the other day when I was running. Like a full-blown-torrential-down-pour. I knew it was going to happen. I just kind of thought I would be able to finish running before the bottom fell out. Wrong. This is the picture I snapped with my phone right before the sky let loose... pretty awesome, huh?

2) Chuy's chips. Okay... I'm originally from Texas... so I'm pretty particular about my chips and salsa. But I LOVE CHUY'S CHIPS (and their salsa for that matter). They are wonderfully thin and crispy and salted to perfection. And when the bring them out warm... omg, it's like a party for your taste buds.

3) Good insurance. So... I may have gotten in a little fender bender the other day. Totally sucks. But I am so thankful that no one was hurt and there was very minimal damage done to either vehicle... and that Kentucky is apparently a no-fault state. But regardless, it sucks. I am however, very thankful for our awesome insurance company USAA... they make the process as painless as possible, allowing me to file my claim directly from an app on my phone. I have always been super pleased with their service in everything.

So... what are you thankful for?