the very real magic of the magic eraser

Once upon a time there was a boy and girl that moved into a fabulously old house.

But in this fabulously old house was a very evil, dirty bathtub. This bathtub was the queen of filthiness... the dirtiest bathtub in all of the land. The boy and girl decided they simply could not bathe or shower until the filthiness of the bathtub was destroyed.

The girl scrubbed and scrubbed with all of her might. But the power of the dirty bathtub was too strong for her. She tried everything... but the filthiness was just too powerful.

Then, one day the boy came home with something very special... the Magic Eraser. This eraser claimed to have real magical powers.

And real magical powers it had indeed! The boy and girl were amazed by the work of the Magic Eraser. The Magic Eraser lifted up dirt and scum that had lived in the bathtub for decades.

The boy and girl celebrated their triumph over the evil, dirty bathtub. They sang and danced and had a feast (okay, not really), but they were happy to finally be able to shower.

This is a true story of the very real magic of the Magic Eraser. It's powers are real. Even Little Cat can hardly believe it.