down by the riverside {photo project}

Yesterday I mentioned how one of my favorite things about Louisville so far has been my view of the Ohio River. Since we just moved into a new rental, we won't be living quite as close to the river anymore... but I'll still be sure to stop by my favorite photo-spot every once in a while.

Every so often I would pull my car over and snap a picture of the city skyline along the river... always from the exact same spot. It almost became a little project of sorts... my goal being to capture different seasons and times of day... but always from the same view...

October 23, 2010 {7:30pm}

November 6, 2010 {5:00pm}

November 21, 2010 {6:30pm}

February 13, 2011 {7:30pm}

March 11, 2011 {4:30pm}

June 30, 2011 {9:30pm}

I loved this little project. And I definitely want to try this project in other ways. For example, if you have children, try snapping a photo of them from the door of their room at various times... you may catch them playing on the floor, maybe reading a book, or even asleep... Ali Edwards does this beautifully, and I think it is a precious idea. Or what about photographing your garden at various times of the year... but always from the same vantage point? Or how about the prep area on your kitchen counter? Snap a photo every so often of your dinner ingredients, or the groceries you just brought in, or the kids school books thrown on the counter. You get the idea... think out of the box... and try looking at your everyday moments as photo-worthy. Would love to hear if you already do something similar.