so long, august... hello, september

Oh August... I will miss you.

Thanks for slowing things down a little. You were a month of beginnings... a month of routine... a month in Louisville (well, for the most part).

You kicked things off with a beautiful wedding celebration. We spent time with family. We unpacked boxes and adjusted to life with one bathroom. We put the suitcases away for a while. Lance prepared for a new semester, while I had a couple of small photo shoots. We enjoyed a visit from Lance's mom and her husband. The girls had a craft night while the boys played poker.

Oh, but hello September.

Yes, I hear you... trust me, I haven't forgotten about you. How could I?

With all of your flight confirmations and hotel reservations? I'm pulling the suitcases back out today and getting my camera equipment together... because September promises to be a very exciting month indeed...