the cologne love lock bridge...

There is a beautiful bridge in Cologne, Germany... a bridge you can see sparkle in the sunlight from miles away... a bridge that shows that love can still stand the test of time. It's called the Hohenzollernbruecke Bridge (try saying that 3 times fast... or heck, try saying that at all). The bridge is covered in "love locks" ...and I mean covered. Couples come from all over to express their love to one another and place their lock on the bridge. We couldn't leave Cologne without leaving our own "love locks" on the bridge...

{Lance engraving the lock we purchased}

{Lance & Julia 9-14-11}

{deciding on the perfect spot}

{sealed with a kiss}

{Lance handing me one of the keys}

{tossing our keys into the Rhine River... this is for real people:) }

{Jenna & Chris}

{mom & dad}

{a kiss for good luck}

So, if you ever make it to Cologne, Germany... be sure to lock your love to the bridge, and look for our lock... I'm sure you'll see it:)