little cat's promotion

Some of you may remember last year when I hired my very own personal assistant. The initial hiring process was tedious, and for a while, I wasn't sure Little Cat was going to make the cut. But after having a serious conversation with him regarding his work ethic, things have improved drastically. Based on his outstanding work performance, Little Cat has recently been promoted as my agent.

His new position requires him to assist with my daily schedule. He is very time-efficient now.... making sure we stay on track... not missing any appointments... and are on time for all meetings.

Every week we meet together to review our budget and financials. Little Cat is extremely gifted in excel, we have been working on pivot tables recently.

There is also a lot stapling involved in his new role as my agent. Constantly stapling important papers. Little Cat prefers the "One Touch" stapler brand...very efficient.

For a while, I considered purchasing one of those fancy keyboard rests... but Little Cat said it wasn't in the budget. However, Little Cat, being the team player that he is, said he was willing to help me out until we could work something out.

Little Cat has also taken on the responsibility as my travel coordinator. He helps with my packing and outfit selections. He is a really light packer and often scolds me when I try to bring too many shoes for a weekend trip.

Because this new position was a live-in, we knew we would be spending lots of quality time with my new agent... however, we didn't expect that he would be so stingy with the remote... or that we would be watching Animal Planet all the time.

Ever since Little Cat has been promoted, he has made sure to only sleep after work hours. No more on-the-job-cat-naps...

Well... for the most part...