thankful thursday {link up} & embrace the camera

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1) A weekend at home. I am pretty pumped about being in Louisville this weekend... no planes to catch, no suitcases to pack, no hotel beds, no driving... you get the picture. I'm keeping the plans pretty low-key this weekend. Celebrating a friend on Friday night that is graduating from the Police Academy... then grilling out on Saturday... then church and rest on Sunday. I cannot wait.

2) My job. I am super thankful for my job. I don't say this enough. The Atlanta-based company that I work for was kind enough to allow me to keep my job when we moved to Louisville last year. I typically work from home, but make trips back to the office about once a month... and while the travel part gets tiresome, I am so, so thankful for a job that I actually enjoy and with co-workers that I genuinely like.

3) Our community group. I love these people. They have had such a huge impact on Lance and I since we moved to Louisville. Lance and I meet once a week with a group of about 15 people from our church. They are our family here... and to be honest, I don't know what I would do without them. These guys and girls inspire and challenge me to be a better person... and I love them for that. This photo is also my "embrace the camera" picture for this week (linking it up over at The Anderson Crew)... This is me with a few of the girls from my community group... we look really awesome, don't we? We were doing some volunteer work for this super amazing ministry.

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