that one room... you know the one...

I have this one room in my house.

You know the one... It's the room where anything that doesn't have a home goes. It's the room where any unpacked miscellaneous boxes are sent (and stay). It's the room that is missing important furniture pieces. It's the room that has nothing on it's walls yet. It's the room that has delayed any type of home tour on this blog.

It's the guest room. Well, it's supposed to be.

We have beds... ahem, scratch that, we have mattresses... on the floor. We haven't quite got around to purchasing box springs and bed frames yet.

There is also this pile of boxes that has made it's way into this room... it's a big pile of miscellaneous shit that I have no idea what to do with. So... it stays.

But we're making it work. Making lemonade out of lemons if you will. Little Cat seems to like this room just fine. And don't you worry... we're still recruiting visitors to Louisville... we'll have the mattresses all ready for you:)

So, there you have it. Part I of the house tour... more to come eventually, promise.

Linking this up to Picture Me {Im}perfectly over at Capturing Motherhood. Be sure to read her post this week too if you have time... it's a good one and hit me right where I'm at.