oh, so you want a house tour??

So, yeah...

We moved into a new house almost 4 months ago. Yes. Four months ago.

You remember... I talked about the chaotic move here... and then about us settling in here... and then gave you that awesome house tour here--- oh wait... no house tour? Oh, that's right, I completely forgot to do that. My bad.

Shall we? Welcome to our home... It's a work in process... but isn't it always?

We'll start at the front door. This is the view of the living room right when you walk in. We're lacking an area rug... but those things ain't cheap people. But we love this space... those hardwood floors... that mock fireplace... that awesome light fixture (kidding)...

Here's the view from the other side of the room. Little Cat is constantly on the lookout in the window.

Let's head into the next room... the dining room. I love being able to have our table and chairs out of storage. I mean, I can count on one hand how many times we have actually eaten at the table, but that's completely beside the point.

Moving right along... here's the kitchen. This picture is actually from before we moved in... it's the only photo I have of the kitchen when it's clean... because usually it looks more like this.

What's that? You need a bathroom break? Already? (geez, bladder control) Well, here it is... right off the dining room... the one and only bathroom. It's small people. Like really small. Counter space?? What's that? Never heard of it.

But we're making it work. The shower curtain is cute and the toilet paper is stocked. Oh, and the bathtub looks 100 times better after my encounter with the magic eraser.

Let's keep going... through the bathroom is our master bedroom. This room brings a completely literal feel to the word BEDroom... because that's pretty much all we can fit in here. No really... we have a bed in here, my $3 nightstand and a dresser on Lance's side of the bed... and that's it. Done. Do you see the foot of clearance we have at the end of the bed there? If only you knew how many times we've stubbed toes and uttered cuss words at the corners of that bed.

Oh, but that bed. I love this bed. It's the first grown-up bed we've ever had. For the first 6 years of marriage we did the no-headboard thing. And don't get me wrong... you can make the no-headboard thing work... but then Lance's step dad passed this AMAZING headboard onto us. I.love.it.

Just in case you were wondering what was behind that curtain in our bedroom... Yes. That would be my amazing closet. Oh, and the laundry room. This room was a major selling point to our rental. My sweet-as-pie husband whipped me up a few clothes racks and just like that I have an incredible walk-in closet:)

Let's head upstairs, shall we? I'm still madly in love with these stairs, just in case you were wondering. And I love them even more now that they lead to our "wall of fame" photo gallery.

Right off the top of the stairs is our office. Welcome to where I spend 80% of my day. Our IKEA expedit desks fit perfectly in here and cater to our "his & hers" working space.

This room is pretty small, but does the trick for the office. My side is happy and colorful and keeps me organized and productive. In case you can't tell, I live off of sticky notes:)

And then... then there's the guest room... well, kind of. It's actually been more of a storage space... you know the room... the one that still has unpacked boxes... pictures along the walls... and mattresses on the floor. But... exciting news... guess who's getting box springs delivered today!?!

So... there you have it. The grand tour. The one I should have given you 4 months ago.

My bad.