confession: i am a wrapping paper snob.

It's true. I am a total wrapping paper snob. What can I say? I have high standards for my wrapping paper. But not to worry... Hobby Lobby has come through once again...

Hobby Lobby, hands down, has the best wrapping paper selection available. I love that they have tons of patterned papers. I typically purchase the non-Christmas-ey prints, such as polka dots or damask, that way I can use the paper year round for birthdays and such.

And HobLob don't mess around... let me tell ya. Each roll of wrapping paper includes 100 square feet of paper. That is a lot of wrapping. I always have plenty left over to use through out the year.

A couple of years ago I used this green and white patterned paper and it was by far one of my favorite prints. For Christmas I mixed it with some red polka dot paper, which resulted in a festive red and green combo. For birthdays I still use the green and white paper... it looks adorable tied up with pink ribbon:)

Last year I wanted to use the red polka dot paper again, so I bought this fun ho ho ho kraft paper to throw in the mix. I used raffia as ribbon for a simple homespun look, I love how it turned out.

Okay, okay... so why do I really love the Hobby Lobby paper? Truth be told, it's not just the beautiful patterns and festive options... It's the grid lines.

This paper has GRID LINES on the inside. Brilliant. Maybe I'm the only one that appreciates a good straight line? Or maybe I'm just scissor-challenged? Because, let's be honest... without those grid lines, my wrapping job looks more like Edward Scissor Hands got a hold of my Christmas presents. I also love how durable this paper is... It is thick. I feel like other wrapping papers tear if you simply look at it wrong. Not this stuff.

This year, I'm pulling out the red polka dot paper... once again (I told you this stuff lasts forever). And some red paisley printed paper that I've had even longer than the polka dots. Then I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and picked out a fun red and white Christmas word print paper to throw in the mix. I'm thinking raffia and tiffany blue ribbon might be fun... or maybe a sage green? My goal is to get rid of the paisley paper this year.

Happy wrapping!!