a handmade christmas

Lot's of handmade projects going on this year... handmade gifts... handmade tags... handmade goodies... handmade by me... handmade by others... you get the idea.

I love how my gift tags turned out this year. Simple shipping tags stamped with a green poinsettia and a bit of red sparkle in the middle. Those shipping tags are probably one of the best things I've ever purchased. I ordered them in bulk from Uline about 4 years ago. And when I say bulk, I mean 1,000. Yes. One thousand tags. Crazy, I know, but seriously... best purchase ever. I use them for everything.

I busted out the chalkboard paint for a few gifts this year too. This stuff is addictive... I wanted to paint everything in chalkboard paint. My sister had to put restrictions on me... and I think Lance hid the rest.

I also wanted to order a few handmade gifts this year too... and you can never go wrong in Elise's shop. Or you can just peruse Etsy for all kinds of handmade goodness.

I even pulled out a few of my jewelry designs from a few years ago... hmmm, thinking I should re-open my Etsy shop eventually... maybe in 2012?? Anyhow... I promise to show more pictures after the holidays, but I don't want to spoil anyone's Christmas present. What about you? Are you doing any handmade gifts or decorations this year?