he & she... lately

he is so ready for class to be over for the semester.

she is so ready for Christmas to be here.

he takes out the trash and picks up the mail.

she washes the dishes and folds their laundry.

they both hate cleaning out the litter box.

he is finally done with all of his reading for the semester.

she is finally reading the last book in the Twilight saga.

he has a closet the size of a shoe box.

she has a closet for all of her shoes.

they love their new neighborhood.

he spends most of his time working at the church.

she spends most of her time working in the upstairs office.

he has been building relationships with our neighbors.

she has been taking photos with our neighbors.

they have been learning how to counsel and love others.

he has recently started bow hunting as a hobby.

she has been turning her photography hobby into a business.

he set up their beautiful Christmas tree.

she has been wrapping presents like a mad woman.

they are hopeful this holiday season.