accountant by day...

There's one thing I don't talk about a whole lot on this blog... my day-job.

Mainly because I'm an accountant... and let's be honest... there aren't many people out there dying to read about general ledgers and payables and receivables. And the last time I checked, accounting blogs aren't exactly winning the popularity polls in the blogosphere.

But yes. I am an accountant. An accountant by day... and a photographer/scrapbooker by night (well, and weekends). Somehow both sides of my brain have learned how to work peacefully together. The left side of my brain works hard during the day... crunching numbers and analyzing spreadsheets... while the right side of my brain takes over at night... cutting scraps of paper and editing photos.

It works for me. There is this super weird side of me that enjoys the spreadsheets and numbers (I guess that's just the making of a true accountant). I am thankful that I pushed through and finished my accounting degree and MBA all those years ago, even on the many days I felt like quitting. And I am so, so thankful for my job. My current job has provided me with experiences and training that I never imagined possible at a "desk job."

So, there you have it... that's my 9 to 5 (well, actually it's 8 to 5)... I can be found working on reconciliations and balance sheets... at least when I'm not daydreaming of my next craft project;)