new year... new goals... (or some might call them resolutions)

I love the newness that the new year brings... the fresh start... the clean calendar... new goals... untarnished resolutions. I kept debating if I should even bother with new year's resolutions this year... especially after last year's half-ass attempt.

But here's the thing... I like goals... and I like lists. So, I caved. I made resolutions... again. But this year, I tried my best to make my resolutions attainable (and enjoyable)... so hopefully I'm not writing a "failure-follow-up post" like last year... but no promises. My resolutions are all things I want to do... many of them things I'm excited about doing... well, all except for #4.

So, here you have it... in 2012, I resolve to:

1) be a better listener.

2) start journaling again.

3) read a classic (or two).

4) drink less soda.

5) organize my photos.

6) write more real letters.

7) finish more projects.

8) talk to God more.

9) use a planner (for the whole year).

10) pay off credit card debt.

There you have it. I hope to elaborate on all of these a little more in the coming months. What about you? Did you make resolutions this year?

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