tactfully late christmas cards

January cards. Our version of holiday greeting cards.

I love them. They're like that last trickle of holiday goodness... Kind of like getting a birthday card a month late from Grandma... except our January cards don't have money in them... sorry.

I think this is about the 6th year we've sent out January cards... it's become quite a tradition for us. I'd really like to round up all of the January cards from year's past and put them all together... (hmmm, that would be a good project idea...)

We print a ridiculous amount... and every year I talk about cutting our list down... but then I think, "You know what? This is the one form of communication I have with some of these people for an entire year... forget it... I'm just going to send them all..."

And they're hitting mailboxes around the nation as we speak... be expecting your tactfully late Christmas card soon!!