thankful thursday {link up} & embrace the camera

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This Thursday I am thankful for...

1) Routine. Routine is a huge reason why I love January so much. I love the schedules and new calendars. Once the holidays are over, I'm always so ready to get back into a routine of some sort. I feel like this is even more true this year since I've been traveling more and more for work. I find myself getting giddy with excitement about consistency and monotony... sad, I know... the true signs of a control freak.

2) Kid's meals. Specifically ones that come with crowns. Kid's meals are the bomb diggity (yes, I just said bomb diggity)... you get a decent size portion of food for under $5 bucks... and a toy. You just can't beat it. (here is this week's embrace the camera photo... and also proof that you always look cooler with a crown, no matter what kind of weird face you are making.)

3) Craft projects. I have been itching to do some major crafting lately. I have a handful of projects that I am excited to finish and, of course, several more that I can't wait to start. But... I keep reminding myself that one of my new year's resolution is to finish more projects... not just start more. Oh, and don't worry... I'll be posting about this spray adhesive craft project very soon:)

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