why i blog

Today I'm celebrating 2 years of blogging. I started this blog not entirely sure if I could or would maintain it... but here I am. 2 years and 530 posts later... I'm still here.

The Blogosphere is a funny place. You can feel strangely connected to people you've never met... or you can feel incredibly disconnected to real people. Blogging can leave you feeling completely inspired... or extremely discouraged. Blogging can help you relate to others... or leave you feeling like everyone has it together except you.

I desire to use blogging as a positive tool in my life... and the day it starts to feel like a chore or something I need to maintain to keep up with everyone else, is the day I will stop blogging. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely times I struggle with my motivations for blogging (which could probably be an entirely different post on it's own), but at the end of the day, blogging has taught me so much... and stretched me in more ways than I thought possible... for example...

1) Blogging makes me to step out of my comfort zone.
I have done things over the past couple of years that I probably would have never done otherwise if it weren't for blogging. I have gone on trips... slept in a tent... painted some furniture... expanded my photography skills... many due to the fact that I had already promised to blog about such-and-such.

2) Blogging holds me accountable.
This one goes hand-in-hand with item #1. Blogging makes me follow-through. If I say I'm going to blog about something, I usually do... instant accountability. Blogging forces me to put my thoughts and goals on "paper" ...instantly turning the simple ideas in my head into real action items.

3) Blogging makes me write.
I've never considered myself a writer... or even really liked writing. But jotting down a little post 4-5 times a week has helped me to enjoy writing. And I like that.

4) Blogging challenges me to step away from the computer.
Ummm, but don't you need to be on the computer to blog?? Well, yes. But if you don't step away from the computer and actually go out and LIVE your life, then you don't really have much to blog about, now do you??

5) Blogging has introduced me to new friends.
I have "met" several amazing women in the blogosphere... some that share my love for crafting... some that teach me about home design... some that challenge me creatively... and some that encourage me in my walk with the Lord. As strange as it may sound, I often feel as though I truly know some of these women, and genuinely hope I get to meet some of them eventually.

6) Blogging helps me appreciate real-life (in-the-flesh) friends.
While #5 is very much true, blogging has made me appreciate and value the real-life friendships I have. Interaction with real-in-the-flesh human beings cannot be replaced.

7) Blogging encourages me to finish my DIY projects.
I mean, who wants to read a blog post about an almost finished scrapbook or a half-painted table?? If I'm going to blog about it, then I need to finish it. This is a big deal for me. I am queen of half-finished crap.

8) Blogging allows me to relate.
For me this has been evident through some of my Dear Diary posts. I have been completely overwhelmed by the amount of "me too" comments and emails that I received when I was brave enough to share my fears and struggles honestly. This is probably my favorite part of blogging... how the Lord can use your words to greatly encourage someone on the other side of the world... making it feel a little less lonely out there.

9) Blogging encourages me to capture the little things.
I mean, I take pictures of food people! Since I have started blogging, I've noticed I'm much more likely to pick up my camera or my pen to help me capture those little things in life... Whether it's a picture of my favorite boots... a top 10 list of things I miss from the 80's... or a weekly thankful post... blogging forces me to remember the little things.

10) Blogging is a source of inspiration and encouragement.
The blogging world constantly inspires me and encourages me. Sometimes challenging me to do something different and sometimes just encouraging me to be where I am. To me, that is what this blogging stuff is all about.

What about you? Why do you blog?

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