thirty & fabulous {louisville photographer}

Meet Courtney.

She just might be one of my favorite people ever. We work together and she keeps me sane some days... we have countless inside jokes and nicknames... she can make me giggle at the slightest glance... and I can make her snort if I try hard enough.

Well... Courtney just turned the big 3-0 a few weeks ago!! And what better way to celebrate her fabulousness than with a photo session?!? Not only did I get to capture Courtney in all her thirty-year-old-glory... but I was able to sneak in a few shots of Miss Hayley too! You may remember this adorable mother/daughter duo from their last photo shoot... well, they are still lovely as ever...











Which one is your favorite?? Personally, I think #10 is pretty spectacular...

But everyone knows that all photos are a hundred-bazillion-times better as silhouette puppets...

I mean, really... makes me laugh every.single.time...