top 10 :: things i love about my erin condren planner

Okay, okay... I have been talking about this new Erin Condren planner long enough. My fabulous cousin gave me an Erin Condren gift card for Christmas and I knew immediately that I would be using it to purchase the weekly planner. And so far... I'm pretty much in love. Some of you have asked what is so special about this so-called-amazing-planner...

Well, I'll tell you.

How about a full-blown planner review?? ...Top 10 style...

1) It arrives in the happiest box.
Any box that is this pretty is more than welcome to sit on my doorstep.

2) It is SPIRAL bound.
Spiral bound means your planner can lay flat and open on your desk all day long... and makes it much easier to write in. I can't even begin to explain how happy this small, little detail makes me.

3) It has tabs.
Another small detail that makes life just that much better.

4) It has month-at-glance AND week-at-a-glance views.
When I shopped for a new planner each year, this was the one criteria I always looked for... but it became harder and harder to find... so many planners are just one or the other.

5) It comes personalized.
I'm pretty sure this is the Erin Condren claim-to-fame. There are countless planner designs to choose from... you can even add your own family photo.

6) It has to-do lists.
And let's just be honest here... There are "to-do lists" and "goal lists" sprinkled all throughout this planner.

7) It comes with stickers.
Who doesn't love stickers? In the back of the planner there are pre-labeled stickers (birthdays, dr. appts, vacations, etc), as well as sheets and sheets of blank stickers for you to label yourself.

8) It follows a "Morning... Day... Night" weekly view.
I love this layout... it works for me. It makes it super-easy to plan our evenings and my lunch dates:)

9) It has pockets and pouches.
The planner has a pocket in the back as well as a sealed plastic pouch... perfect for stationary and stamps:)

10) It comes with excellent customer service (and free personalized labels!).
Those free personalized labels were such a fun surprise! I've already used them on a gift... and my pretty package became the talk of the shower! Erin Condren still has a small business feel to it... which I love.

So, there you have it. My Erin Condren planner review. If you are a little behind for 2012 and haven't found your perfect planner yet... I say, go for it... you won't be disappointed. One of my resolutions for this year was to use a planner (for the whole year)... and I firmly believe a pretty, happy planner is the key to success for consistent planning:)

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