happy, happy!

Yesterday was a very special day for two very special reasons...

1) March 13th is my parent's anniversary... their 36th anniversary to be exact. 36 years... that.is.awesome. I am so thankful for the example of love and commitment that they have always been to me. And even more thankful now that I am married myself. It is such a blessing to grow up in a family where love is always present. I love you mom & dad... thank you for loving one another so well.
{sending lots of love your way... be looking for your card soon!!}

2) March 13th is also a birthday for two very special little girls I know. My nieces turned FOUR yesterday!! Four.years.old... cannot believe it. They are quite hilarious these days and have each developed their own little personality and quirks. Happy birthday Jocelyn & Gabbie!! We love you!
{sending some happies your way girls, be looking for them soon!}