letter a day

I have a sweet friend that will be going on her very first international mission trip in a few weeks. She is absolutely ecstatic... but a little unsure of what to expect too. She will be in Ethiopia for 11 days... I'll be filling up 11 cards and letters to give her before she leaves... full of quotes, scripture and my own words of encouragement.

The plan is that my friend has an envelope to open each day of her trip... starting at the airport and ending on that last plane ride home. All in hopes that she will be greatly encouraged and will remember to make each day count...

I had a very dear friend do something similar for me once a few years ago. I traveled overseas to Kazakhstan by myself... and those sweet notes of encouragement did wonders for me. I looked forward to reading them each day and they made any homesickness I was feeling vanish in an instant. I hope these will do the same.

PS... how awesome are my vintage number stamps?!? These are the stamps I bought during my visit to Franklin, TN last month... aren't they awesome!?!