thankful thursday {link up}

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This Thursday I am thankful for...

1) Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice. I may have had this on my Thankful Thursday list before... but hey, there's no rule that says you can't be thankful for things more than once, right? And a host Starbucks caramel apple spice drink is totally double-thankful-worthy. I'm not a huge coffee drinker... especially at night... but a caramel apple spice is like a glorified hot apple cider... so, so good.

2) Project Life craft night. Last weekend I was invited to a friend's house to work on my Project Life album. It was so great! I love me a good ol' fashioned craft night. The goodness of this particular night was enhanced even more by the company I was with... sweedish fish candies... and girl scout cookies... Pretty spectacular evening, if you ask me.

3) Ebay. This past week Lance and I have been ebay-selling-machines... gotta make that money, man! We sold Lance's bow, one of Lance's jackets, and my guitar... all for more than we thought! We have been on a major mission to pay down debt this past year... and our recent ebay luck should hopefully help us accomplish that goal. Looking forward to paying off another credit card soon!!!

I always love reading all of the Thankful Thursday link-ups each week... and last week there were several that made me smile... but I loved reading my friend Liz's post over at The Colville Clan. I really appreciate Thankful Thursday lists that acknowledge the "little" things in life... you know, like cinnamon. I am also super jealous of Liz's "Beers & Books" club.... I mean, how genius is that? Book club... with beer. Brilliant. And a little fun fact for you... Liz and I went to elementary school together! I love that we have "reconnected" via the blogosphere.

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