top 10 :: things to do when your family visits louisville

My entire family was in town last weekend (well... actually Wednesday through Sunday)... my sister and her husband drove up from Birmingham and my parents flew in from Houston. We had an absolute blast. I thought since they were here for 5 whole days, that we would have all the time in the world... but we managed to fill every second of their visit... good food, cool tours, long walks, a little shopping... we even managed to sneak in a movie... if only we had another 5 days.

Regardless... here are the top 10 things to do when your family visits Louisville...

1) Take your family Christmas card picture... with baseball hall-of-famers in the background.

2) Eat really, really good food.

3) Take crazy pictures with crazy hats.

4) Hit home runs with Babe Ruth.

5) Go see a movie... complete with popcorn and candy. (we saw The Hunger Games... soooo good)

6) Go for a walk... and take a little break at Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

7) Hang out with your cousin... who also lives in Louisville:)

8) Enjoy some Grater's ice cream... a definite must.

9) Get some quality mother/daughter hangout time.

10) Enjoy a good family meal.

What do you do when your family comes to town? Anything special?
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