color my world challenge {mustard yellow}

Today, my friends, is an exciting day. Today kicks off the first week of the Color My World challenge. What is the "Color My World" challenge, you ask?? Well, a few brilliant bloggers recently decided to host a color challenge, and I am beyond thrilled to have been invited to participate. And if you're feeling snazzy and up for a challenge, you can join in too!

Here's the gist... you pick a color that you want to try to incorporate into your home... preferably a color that you don't already have all over the house. It is a challenge after all. Then, over the next few weeks you actually USE your color in your home... crazy, I know. Every Tuesday I, along with several other amazing bloggers, will be posting their color progress. Here's the schedule if you want to join in...

WEEK 1 {Tuesday 4.3.12}
inspiration... pick your color
WEEK 2 {Tuesday 4.10.12}
decor... use your color in a home decor piece
WEEK 3 {Tuesday 4.17.12}
paint... paint something your color
WEEK 4 {Tuesday 4.24.12}
fabric... use your color in something fabric-related
WEEK 5 {Tuesday 5.1.12}
review... recap & review your color projects

Easy enough, right? So... let's get started... Week 1... inspiration... pick your color.

What's my inspiration, you ask??
Mustard. That's right... mustard yellow. It's everywhere these days... well, everywhere besides my home, that is...

It's making a scene in the fashion world. {source}

It would look amazing on your floor. {source}

It could cheer up any table setting. {source}

It would add a pop of happiness to any sofa. {source}

It could brighten up your boring work days. {source}

It could make every morning feel like sunshine. {source}

It is pretty enough to showcase by itself. {source}

It would cheer up any drab dresser. {source}

So... there you have it... mustard yellow. We will be making it happen over the next few weeks. I already have billions of ideas swirling in my head... the biggest involving a serious paint project:)

Will you be joining in the "Color My World" challenge? Leave a comment if so... I want to be sure to follow your progress!! Be sure to visit the other bloggers participating in the "Color My World" challenge (listed below)... there are some incredibly talented blogs embracing a new color this month!