reflections of a thirty-one year old...

Thirty-one things I've learned in thirty-one years...

1) Being in your thirties does not make you old... (contrary to what I believed when I was 16).

2) Reading is actually an enjoyable hobby.

3) Macaroni & Cheese alone is not considered a complete meal... (I know, I was shocked too).

4) Snail mail and stickers are just as exciting at 31 as they were when you were 13.

5) Flinstone vitamins are not candy.

6) Your mother can actually be both your mom and your best friend.

7) High school was in fact a very long time ago... 13 years ago actually... so referring to high school as if it just happened is no longer acceptable.

8) Having a handful of really amazing heart-to-heart friends is way better than having a zillion Facebook friends.

9) Staying up until 2:00am now comes with major repercussions the next day.

10) Shopping in the juniors section only makes your feel old and fat.

11) Life does not generally happen in the timeline you create in your teens... (thank goodness).

12) Contrary to what your mom always said when making faces to your younger sister... your face won't actually stay like that.

13) It's perfectly acceptable to go to the grocery store and only buy tampons and chocolate.

14) You no longer care what the 16 year old cashier thinks when you purchase above mentioned items.

15) It is crucial to own at least one amazing little black dress.

16) Playing MASH is not an accurate way to plan your future.

17) Never go bathing suit shopping in the pale months of winter.

18) You might not always get to do what you like... but you can choose to like what you do.

19) You are never too old for snow cones or cotton candy.

20) Marriage is hard work... but totally worth it.

21) Never underestimate the power of homemade cookies... (both given and received).

22) You never outgrow glitter nail polish.

23) The things you are stressing about right now will eventually seem small and distant.

24) Getting carded gets more exciting (and more appreciated) every year.

25) Your little sister will end up being one of your very best friends.

26) Hot dogs always taste better at baseball games.

27) A real calendar/planner always beats out a smart phone.

28) You never outgrow being Daddy's little girl.

29) Dating your husband is allowed... and encouraged.

30) Handwritten thank you notes are always a good idea.

31) Thirty-one is the new twenty-one...