week in review {birthday style}

This past week was a whirlwind of business and pleasure... working and shopping... eating out and eating in... birthday deliveries and birthday cake... manicures and birthday dinners... time with friends and time with family... 

Okay, okay... I realize it may look like more pleasure than business, but that's just because taking pictures of my office isn't very exciting.  But here's the recap regardless...

Just to prove that I actually did do some work last week... enjoying the beautiful orchid that my co-workers got me last year for my birthday.

A little mani/pedi never hurt anyone... happy early birthday to me:)

Some quality alone time at the hotel... usually involves reading and photo editing...

On Thursday, the girls took me out for a birthday lunch at our favorite spot, Mambos.

 And obviously, no birthday lunch is complete without a giant slice of cake:)

 Friday morning I was greeted with a special birthday delivery from Mom and Dad...

 Mmmm... chocolate covered pretzels... these disappeared in about 5 seconds at the office.

I was probably most excited about Friday night... dinner and shopping with my favorite person... Friday night my sister drove all the way from Birmingham just to celebrate my birthday...

...Well, that... AND to go to Nordstrom Rack... 

Anytime we are at the Rack, we usually take over the community dressing room... it's like our own personal shopping makeover experience... we usually end up laughing until we cry:)

Speaking of laughing until you cry... is this picture not hilarious?!?! 

I left Atlanta on Saturday afternoon and headed straight over to meet the sweetest little baby boy.  I was lucky enough to do a newborn session for one of my very best friends... (Sigh... so sweet.  More of these later... promise)

 I stayed at my in-laws on Saturday night, only to be showered with even more birthday surprises!

Lance was able to fly back stand-by on my flight... and of course he was bumped up to first class.  But being the awesome husband that he is, he convinced the flight attendant to let me join him:)  The same exact thing happened last year... and first class is still just as awesome.

Once we finally made it home, I was greeted with an overflow of birthday mail and packages.  Best way to come home from a trip... hands down.

Overall, this past week/weekend was nothing short of amazing.  It was so great to see friends and family.  Thanks to all who helped make my birthday weekend so special, I am truly grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life.  

Happy Monday folks... here's to another spectacular week!