be my guest... {guest bloggers needed}

" my guest, be my guest..."  (cue Beauty & the Beast soundtrack... don't lie, you know you already started humming)

I am heading out for a week long beach trip at the end of June and I would love to host a few guest bloggers while I'm out reading books in the sand and sipping on umbrella drinks.

I'm thinking I'd like to host a "How-to" week... how-to bake a perfect cake... how-to organize your photos... how-to detox from Pinterest... how-to make your own earrings... how-to clean out your pantry... you get the idea.

Basically... how-to do absolutely anything.  We're going to call it the "How-to Diaries"  Clever, right?

Here's the tentative schedule... (I'll try to update the list as the spots are filled)...

Saturday JUNE 23, 2012

Sunday JUNE 24, 2012

Monday JUNE 25, 2012

Tuesday JUNE 26, 2012

Wednesday JUNE 27, 2012

Thursday JUNE 28, 2012 
{Thankful Thursday-no guest post}

Friday JUNE 29, 2012

Saturday JUNE 30, 2012

You interested?  Send me an email at (that's Julia L Black@mac{dot}com... make sure you get the "L" squeezed in the middle there).  Let me know what day you're interested in and if you already have a "How-to" topic in mind.  First come, first serve.