how to: start your own business

Today's how-to guest blogger is Cami, over from First Day of My Life.  Cami has recently started her very own juice bar business in Florida... so, who better to post about how to start your own business!?! Her tips apply to anyone thinking about pursuing their dreams... big or small.  The floor is all yours Cami...
How to Start Your Own Business

Hello to the beautiful folks at Black Tag Diaries! I'm Cami from First Day of My Life. I am so excited that Julia has allowed me to chat with you ladies about how to start your own business!

I recently started Camille's Juice Bar in Flagler Beach, Florida.

It was such an exciting adventure - I just wish I would have been able to read a "how to" start. So, I am going to offer you some advice, just in case you have been toying with the idea of starting your own business...

find what you are passionate about
What is it that makes you happy + excited about? Is it taking photos? Is it surfing? Styling hair? What is it that makes you anxious to wake up in the morning? Find what it is - and embrace it. 

For me, it is helping people to become + maintain their health. Juicing fresh fruits + vegetables helps that. I've juiced for myself for a long time now and it makes me feel healthy, energized, and just plain great. I want to share it with others because I know how wonderful it is for your health.

figure out how you can turn it into a business
Ok, now you know what you are passionate about - how can you turn it into a (profitable) business? If your passion is taking photos, start a photography business. Surfing? Surf camps for kids. Styling hair? Hair stylist. There are SO many opportunities no matter what your passion is - you just need to really think about it.

start small
Ok, lets be honest - with today's economy start-up companies are a little tough...especially if your capital is minimal. That's okay though - start small! Make your business a side business until you can make it into your primary source of income. It is important (I think) to not bury yourself in debt. Especially just starting out!

turn to others for advice
Find a mentor. Your mentor can be a family member who has started their own business - a friend - someone who is currently doing what you would like to do - or even if you want to start from scratch, there are plenty of executive coaching programs available that will be able to help.

Here's a tip, too...everyone + their mother will have an idea of what you should do instead of ____ or what you should do to add on to what you already have - listen to their idea but don't put it into action. (Unless you've asked someone for help and that is their advice.) So many people have (and are) telling me how I should do things, how I should expand, etc. but they don't know my real vision of what I am doing...only YOU know that. Thank them for their advice and move on.

make sure you wake up each morning excited to work
Make sure your job is not a job. What I mean by that is - make sure that you will be excited and happy to go to work each and every morning...not miserable that you have to go to "whatever it is that pays the bills." That's not a way to live. Most importantly - make sure you are happy.

If you have any questions or just want to chat about it - feel free to send me an e-mail or tweet me :) I'd be more than happy to help in any way I can!

Thank you, Julia, for having me! I hope I inspired some of her lovely readers to find their passion + go for it!