mondays and cupcakes.

Amen to that.

Lance finally made it home from Nepal last night... at 11:30pm.

He was supposed to get in at 8:30pm... on Saturday.

Yeah... he was delayed a little while... more like 27 hours.  That last day was sheer torture.  I was fully expecting him to be home Saturday night and be able to have all day Sunday to lounge around and catch up... listening to stories, looking at pictures, filling him in on the everyday happenings of home, talking about the people he met... etc, etc.

But now it's Monday.  I'm working and he's catching up on some much needed sleep.  And although I wish he would have arrived home sooner... never-the-less...  

He is home... safe and sound.  We'll make time to catch up soon... maybe over cupcakes...