weekend festivities... or lack thereof

Nothing like kicking off the weekend with an awesome fever and kidney infection.  Not sure if any of you have had the joy of experiencing a kidney infection before... if not, take my word for it... worst.thing.ever.  I had one about 3 years ago that lasted for 7 days straight and eventually resulted in a trip to the hospital... I literally thought I was going to die.  And because there was no way in hades I was doing 7 days of kidney infection ever again, this go around I politely asked the doctors to not mess around and give me the good stuff ASAP.  

I started my antibiotics on Friday and spent the weekend switching from couch-to-bed and fever-to-chills.  Awesome.  Not exactly the weekend I had in mind.

Me and Pinterest spent a lot of quality time together...

I also saw this as a great opportunity to have ice cream for dinner... in bed... don't judge.

Saturday night I thought I could handle a movie... probably not the best idea... but it was an awesome movie.  Lance and I went to see Snow White and the Huntsman... so good.  I should probably go see it again when I'm not running a fever.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling waaaay better.  Not quite 100%, but no fever, so definitely a good sign.  Slept in... went to church... then Lance and I enjoyed lunch at one of our favorite restaurants around the corner from our house, Eiderdown.  Super low key... which is just what I needed.
 Here's to hoping I'm on the road to recovery.

What about you?  How was your weekend?