dear diary :: adoption

Dear Diary,

This post has sat in the back of my mind and heart for months now.  Carefully typing out sentence by sentence... only to erase and start over again.


It's something I've hinted at here and there on this blog... a seminar here, and a book there... barely making reference to a very big, and very real, part of our life right now.  Lance and I have talked about adoption for years... before we were even married.  The theme of adoption has always accompanied our conversations about children and our thoughts of starting a family.

And as Lance and I have struggled through the journey of infertility, talk of adoption has become a more frequent conversation.

But why has it taken me so long to talk about it?

Because I never wanted adoption to feel like "Plan B."

This is something Lance and I have constantly prayed and truly desire in our hearts.  But yet when you try X, Y and Z first...  then you move on to adoption... sometimes that feels like the absolute definition of "Plan B."

But thankfully, God doesn't do "Plan B's."

His plan is always Plan A.

And while I can sit and worry about how we're going to "fix this" and "do that," God already has something magical in store for us.

Is it adoption?

I'm not sure... but I know I'm not going to stand in the way of God's Plan A.

We mailed in our adoption application last week... and were accepted on Monday... we are excited and hopeful to see what God has in store for us...