happy 4th!!

Happy 4th of July people!!  

At first I thought having the 4th fall on a Wednesday was crap... I mean, wouldn't it be better if Independence Day fell on a Friday or a Monday?  You know... so we could have a 3-day weekend?  But now that it's here, it turns out that I'm a major fan of having a random Wednesday off work.  Work 2 days... sleep in one day... work 2... off 2 more.  Yes... I could get used to this.

How will you be celebrating your 4th of July?  Cookout?  Fireworks?  Vacation?  We decided to grill some burgers and dogs and just invite a few friends over... a few friends... that has turned into mmmm... oh say, twenty-eight people... at least at the last head count.  While Lance slaves away over the hot grill, I'll be deciding which patriotic Pinterest ideas I should try...

Happy 4th!!!