black family reunion...

Last weekend Lance's family had their 25th annual family reunion... and this is no small affair people.  We go all out.  There are usually around 50-60 family members that show up each year and we basically spend the entire weekend eating together, laughing together and eating together again.  Sprinkle in a few competitive games and lots and lots of hugs, and you have yourself one awesome family reunion...

Lance was in Turkey the 2 weeks leading up to the reunion, so I picked him up at the Nashville airport Thursday night and we drove to Habersham from there on Friday... but only after eating some "good country cookin'" at Cracker Barrel first.  We got to Habersham just in time for the Friday night festivities... which I don't have any pictures of... but surprise, surprise... there was a lot of hugs and a lot of food.

Saturday morning one group heads over to the golf course, while the other group lounges by the pool.  You can guess which group I'm with.

Then Saturday night we all head over to one of the local elementary schools... because there are just that many of us.  The grown-ups usually mingle in the cafeteria while the kiddos get all sweaty running around in the gym.

And then we eat... again.

That, my friends, is what I call a plate of southern goodness.  I could eat my weight in that fried okra.

In order to let our food digest, we go through a list of family photos... here's our group.

Then... it's time to get serious.  Game time people.  After dinner and pictures, we are divided up into 4 big teams to play an assortment of competitive games.

First game was "face the cookie."  You start with a cookie on your forehead and try to move it down your face to your mouth... without using your hands.  My mother-in-law giving it her best shot...  

Lance executed the cookie challenge in no time flat.

The girls decided they wanted to play this year.  They are currently in cookie-training.

Good thing their mom is an expert at this game... look at that mad skill.

Then we finished up game night with "pass the spoon."  OMG.  This might have been one of the more hilarious things I have ever witnessed.  Basically your team is in a line and has a spoon attached to a ball of yarn... you have to pass the spoon through your shirt AND pants, then to the next person, and the next person... all the way down the line... then you have to  reverse it and bring the spoon all the way back through the line again.  Absolutely hilarious.

I don't really know how to explain this photo... but let's just say the spoon was delayed in making it back down the line... and I was crying I was laughing so hard.  Seriously... I think I peed in my pants.

Sunday morning we gather one final time for brunch and a devotional.  This is probably my favorite time of the reunion.  One, because I mean, look at that amazing table of breakfast food... and two, because I always love the sweet stories that are told about this family.

This year, Lance led the devotional.  He shared about how special these reunions are to him... because it's a time for us to remember our heritage and past... but also a time to point to what's ahead.  We have the privilege of passing on these traditions and memories to the younger generations... what a gift.

When Lance and I were dating, I remember being so taken by his family.  I think because my own family is so close, this was always something that was so important for me in a future husband.  And man, did I hit the family jackpot.  Lance's family is truly so special and I am grateful to be a part of it.