dear diary :: anxiety vs. trust

Dear Diary,

Why is it that in the battle of 'anxiety vs. trust', anxiety always seems to win out?  Are the weapons of worry and stress stronger than faith and belief?  Is overwhelming fear more powerful than overwhelming hope?  Does anxiety defeat trust?

Or is anxiety just easier?

Somedays it just seems easier to fall victim to the overwhelming stresses of life.  But in my internal battle of anxiety, am I doubting God or trusting God?

Doubt is easy.  Trust is hard.

We have been so programmed to go... and do... and fix... that the mere thought of opening our hands and trusting God seems so foreign.

Instead of, "go... and do... and fix..." 

What if we were to, "stop... and pray... and trust"??

Is it easier to hold your hand in a tight fist or rest it open?  (go ahead, try it...)  Yet, we still grasp so tightly to our "to-do lists" and "life plans" that we rarely see any room for how God can fit into our tiny balled up fists.  When I'm consumed by the overwhelming stresses of life, I'm failing to see the actual Giver of life himself.

"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." (1 Peter 5:7)

Anxiety vs. Trust.  Anxiety may seem easier, but trust is always more powerful.